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Another Prof Behaves Like a Propagandist


This fall has brought out a bumper crop of professorial misbehavior — political harangues having nothing to do with the substance of the course. Here is another, involving a government class at Arizona State. The prof, unable to merely discuss the way government works, blathered away about how white people are guilty of exploiting everyone else. The student’s complaints were breezily dismissed with the observation, “You’re wearing a Brooks Brothers shirt.” Why do people whose brains operate at such a low level of logic have high-paying university jobs?

What’s the impact of this? Obviously, the student didn’t suddenly convert to the prof’s statist/progressive religion. I think that the impact is more on students who have a leftist inclination to begin with. Some of them are likely to be radicalized by a steady stream of tropes that extol the state and denigrate individualism.


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