He’s Fed Up

by Jane S. Shaw

 Dr. Assad Meymandi is an extremely erudite psychiatrist, scholar, and philanthropist in North Carolina. and he’s fed up with higher education.

The basic question is: Are our universities citadels of knowledge or a huge stage for entertainment? America’s higher education seems to be held hostage to sports, athletic programs, and entertainment. The new east addition to UNC’s Kenan Stadium costs $70 million, adding thousands of seats, luxury boxes, and plush athletic training and tutoring facilities, while the infrastructure of the science laboratories is eroding and in ill repair. I never understood a system that rewards a coach with as much as five million dollars a year income, fifteen times the chancellor’s salary, and rewards the science professors, those who deliver the end product of a university, namely, scientific research and knowledge, with a comparative pittance. Lord knows I have tried to understand this diabolic system but have failed. I fear America’s higher education is on the wrong track.

It’s not just sports, though. He’s upset about the fundamental lack of knowledge of today’s students, and the implications for freedom in the United States.

We have replaced studies in chemistry with healthy cooking and trigonometry with understanding mortgages. A student will be more likely to read Harry Potter than anything by Thomas Jefferson. Most disturbing is that our young college students are better versed in a peculiar guilt for their forefathers’ misdeeds than in the proud history of the West’s pre-eminent society. That guilt will further compromise the basic understanding of what is sacred about our nation and the United States Constitution.

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