Amanda Again, Alas

by Carol Iannone

It seems unbelievable that Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are being retried for the murder they did not commit when they were students in Perugia, Italy, in 2007. The overturning of the original guilty verdict in 2011 righted the monstrous miscarriage of justice of the original guilty verdict of 2009, as much as it could be righted legally, anyway, but now the two are being subject to a retrial. Evidently, the parents of the murdered girl pushed for it, along with the prosecutors, and Italian law permits it. The parents want justice for their daughter, of course, but the injustice in this case is the fact that the real and only killer, Rudy Guede, is serving a sentence of a mere 16 years, for a vicious sexual assault in which he repeatedly stabbed poor Meredith with a knife about the neck so that she choked on her own blood and died with her eyes open, having fought mightily for her life. And while the killer serves 16 years, about a third of it already expired, the prosecution is demanding 30 years for Amanda and close to that for Raffaele. Simply unbelievable. So much went wrong with the investigation and prosecution and reporting of this crime, and so much of what went wrong can only be classified as irrational. The whole thing truly qualifies for that overused term, witch hunt, down to the imputation of sexual depravity to a pretty, innocent, and, at the time, badly confused young woman. We have to stand firm in the belief that justice will be done and that God is not mocked.

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