Army Veteran Arrested for Turning His Back on Hillary Clinton at GWU

by Nathan Harden

An Army veteran who was arrested for turning his back on Hillary Clinton in an act of protest has filed a lawsuit, claiming he was “brutalized” in retaliation for his peaceful demonstration.

Andrew Desiderio reports in today’s feature story at The College Fix:

The federal lawsuit, filed mid-February in Washington D.C., names the U.S. State Department and George Washington University police as defendants. It seeks to have Army vet Raymond McGovern’s arrest expunged from the records, as well as compensatory damages.

The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, which represents McGovern, states on its website that the circumstances surrounding the arrest were marked with “stinging irony,” as McGovern was “brutalized and arrested after peacefully standing with his back to Hillary Clinton” as she was giving a speech in which she condemned oppressive regimes…

Now you’ve all be warned: Don’t turn your back on Hillary, or else!

Read the full story here.

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