University Offers Lectures on ‘Queering Christianity’

by Nathan Harden

In today’s feature story for The College Fix, Alexandra Desanctis reports on a new program at the University of Kansas:

“There is nothing wrong with being queer and Christian.”

That’s the premise behind “Queering Christianity,” the overarching Ecumenical Campus Ministries’ Faith Forum topic broached during a series of events at the University of Kansas throughout this school year.

“This Faith Forum has been an important opportunity for me and many others to learn what a Christianity that is accepting of all God’s children might look like in today’s world,” said senior Sean Weston, co-coordinator for Faith Forum, in an interview with The College Fix.

Events this semester included: “Do I Trust God Enough? A transgender woman’s journey of faith,” a speech given by Stephanie Mott, founder and executive director of the Kansas Statewide Transgender Education Project.

KU graduate student Garrett Fugate also recently gave a talk titled “A Queer Search for God: ‘Otherness’ as a way to find God, a Muslim perspective.”

Last September, the series kicked off with “Crossing Boundaries and Breaking Rules: Queerness as Christian Practice,” described on the university’s website as an exploration of “what it means to follow Jesus by challenging all kinds of social expectations.”

“Christian faith is often seen as against anybody who is not straight or who doesn’t conform to strict roles in society,” the event description states. “We will be hearing stories from people who have realized in their faith journeys that there is nothing wrong with being queer and Christian.”

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