Lesbian Professor Experiences Radical Conversion to Christ

by Nathan Harden

In today’s feature story at The College Fix, Samantha Watkins reports on the remarkable story of Dr. Rosario Butterfield–a former radical lesbian, leftist professor whose life was changed after she embraced the living Christ:

In a talk for the Family Research Council last summer, Butterfield launched into her autobiography by mentioning her Catholic upbringing, and said it wasn’t until college that her lesbian tendencies formed, that an “undercurrent of longing inserted itself in intense friendships with women.”

“In my late 20s, enhanced by feministic philosophy and lesbian and gay political advocacy, my homosocial preference morphed into homosexuality,” Butterfield said.

“That shift was subtle, not startling,” she said. “My lesbian identity and my love for my LGBT community developed in sync with my lesbian sexual practice.”

The scholar acknowledged that she felt lesbianism was her “true self,” that life “finally came together for me and made sense.”

Years later, she set out to attack Christianity and began research on a project entitled, “Religious Right and their politics of hatred.” But something entirely unexpected happened as she began to study the Bible. She started to believe what she was reading. What happened next is one of the most radical conversion stories I’ve ever read.

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