Christian Professor Denied Promotion

by Nathan Harden

University of North Carolina-Wilmington associate professor of criminology, Mike Adams, has been fighting for promotion to full professor for years–an effort he says has been thwarted by opponents of his outspoken Christian faith and political conservatism.

It’s been quite an odyssey for Dr. Adams. David French summarized the case almost seven years ago, here on Phi Beta Cons:

When Mike received tenure, he was a secular, liberal professor — with an absolutely unblemished record of professional achievement and an unbroken path to promotion.  After he became Christian and conservative, the university and department officials investigated his private e-mails, conducted a lengthy (and ludicrous) felony investigation against him, warned him against attending department meetings, changed promotion standards, applied different standards for different individuals, and — ultimately — denied him a promotion. 

Here we are almost seven years later, and Dr. Adams lawsuit against UNC-Wilmington, alleging discrimination, is expected to conclude today.

How slowly doth the wheels justice turn.

Student-reporter Ben Smith writes about the impending end of this long legal battle in his feature story today at The College Fix.

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