Cal State Makes Race/Ethnicity Class Mandatory

by Nathan Harden

What do you do when student interest in your Ethnic Studies classes wanes? Lobby university administrators to make classes in your department mandatory for all students!

That’s the solution Ethnic Studies professors at Cal State came up with.

Alexandra Desanctis of Notre Dame University reports in her feature story today at The College Fix:

Ethnic studies educators at Cal State University Los Angeles who feared their departments’ could waste away due to waning student interest have successfully convinced their peers to add a race/ethnicity requirement to graduate.

In a recent controversial vote – preceded by student and faculty protests claiming ethnic studies face extinction – the public university’s academic senate agreed to require that one of two mandated diversity courses needed to graduate must focus specifically on race and ethnicity.

As it stands, Cal State LA students must take two diversity-related classes to graduate, but neither must deal specifically with race and ethnicity…

There’s no “diversity” like compulsory diversity.

What are the odds that Cal State requires even once class in US History?

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