Black Republican ‘Shatters Stereotypes’ at U of Wisconisn

by Nathan Harden

Julian Bradley, age 33, is a rising star in the Wisconsin Republican party. He also happens to be black. Bradley recently gave a talk at the University of Wisconsin about the evolution of his political views. He grew up in “a Jesse Jackson household” and later became a conservative Republican:

In a recent speech at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Bradley said he remembers the strong connection his family felt toward Jackson during the 1984 Democratic convention, feeling as though Jackson and the Democrats knew what was best for his community.

But then there was the issue of abortion, something that had always nagged at Bradley.

Once he realized he was prolife about ten years ago, he began to further question the Democrats’ platform, he said. Research on the differences in the two party’s fiscal policies further helped Bradley realize his beliefs matched up closer to a conservative ideology.

Today, as a candidate for Wisconsin Secretary of State, he champions conservative causes, running with a slogan #ItsTime. In 2013, Bradley launched his “Shattering Stereotypes” speaking tour, sharing his story of transforming into a Republican and rising through the ranks in Wisconsin politics.

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