Judge Awards Embattled Christian Professor $50,000 and a Promotion

by Nathan Harden

Jennifer Kabbany reports the latest news from the case of Mike Adams, a conservative professor who claims he was denied a promotion because of his outspoken political and religious beliefs:

A U.S. district court judge on Tuesday ruled that the University of North Carolina-Wilmington must promote a conservative, Christian professor who had been denied full professorship because of his beliefs, and ordered administrators to pay the educator $50,000 in back-pay.

The ruling comes on the heels of a March 20 jury verdict which found that employees at the public university retaliated against the professor, Mike Adams, for his conservative, Christian views.

“The court hereby orders the defendants confer upon plaintiff full professorship as of the date of this order, with pay and benefits in the future to relate back to August 2007, when plaintiff’s 2006 promotion application would have gone into effect had it been successful,” states the ruling by Judge Malcolm Howard…

I believe our NRO pal David French was one of the attorneys involved in this case, so hats off to the big D.

Read the full story here.

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