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Hell hath no fury like a college linebacker scorned. A veteran of the Shaw University football program — disgruntled over a lack of playing time, phony rings, inappropriate equipment bags, and other issues — has recorded a rap video dissing Shaw’s head coach. (Note: The language, while quite mild by hip-hop standards, is a bit salty for Phi Beta Cons.) A grammatically shaky explanation of the video from the player who made it, explaining his actions and clarifying some of the lyrics, can be found here. An extensive discussion of the ethical considerations involved follows at the same link.

I’ll admit I couldn’t make out most of the words (though lines like “the best thing about your program is the after-game fish plate” must hurt), and I’ll leave it to Phi Beta Cons’ resident cultural critic to provide an informed musical assessment. But in general, I agree with the HBCU Digest reporter: “I don’t endorse this kind of display, because it makes the player look more bitter than lyrically dope. Still, from a beats, rhymes and life perspective, this is pretty funny.”


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