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The Workshop from Hell


A conservative law-professor acquaintance of mine has brought to my attention the upcoming “Workshop on ‘Post Racial’ Civil Rights Law, Politics and Legal Education” being offered at the June 8-12 Mid-Year Meeting of the Association of American Law Schools. It does indeed appear to be a politically correct quota-extravaganza of extraordinary proportions, judging from the description of the subject matter and the list of speakers and panelists. Not being a law professor myself, I would have just assumed that the AALS and its events were all pretty liberal, and, while this may indeed be true, I am told that this is off-the-charts even by past AALS standards: Far left and completely one-sided, in the manner peculiar to this topic but that we have come to expect from the academy.
Postscript:  The workshop is “Supported in part by a grant from the Law School Admission Council,” the folks who bring you the LSAT.


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