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The State of Catholicism in Catholic Colleges


Catholic parents, you can now breathe easy. According to a new study released at the annual meeting of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, Catholic students “remain profoundly connected to their faith” during their college years. Of course, despite this profound connection Catholic college students will not only move away from the Church’s teaching on abortion and same-sex marriage, they are also less likely to attend mass and less likely to pray after four years at a Catholic school. But there is a bright side: Not only are students more likely to support a cut in defense spending (yes, that was one of the attitudes surveyed), their decline in religiosity is ever-so-slightly less extreme than it would be had they attended a public university.

I’m not sure that’s a great recruiting pitch: “Causing less spiritual decline than State U!”  But Protestants, don’t get cocky. Your colleges do worse. In some cases, much worse. Your kids are not only more liberal on abortion and same-sex marriage, the church attendance drop is basically catastrophic, they are praying much less, and (unlike Catholic students) even less likely to read the Bible. And that’s after attending a religious school. Read it and weep.


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