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The Educational Benefits of ‘Diversity’


The Chronicle of Higher Education has an article on new studies of the educational benefits of diversity. There certainly does seem to be a lot of research going on, leading to lots of different conclusions, but it seems to me that all this — well, here’s what I posted:

All this simply confirms the fundamental problem with Grutter, namely that the social-science evidence in this area is uncertain and the purported benefits of racial benefits only marginal; furthermore, the Court did not weigh the heavy costs of such discrimination against the purported benefits. In his opinion in a more recent case also involving the alleged educational benefits of diversity, Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School District No. 1, Chief Justice Roberts acknowledged such benefits as being “dispute[d]” and “intangible,” while “the costs are undeniable.” Surely all this has to be weighed in determining if the asserted reason for racial discrimination is to be found compelling. The result will simply move up by a few years Grutter’s self-imposed 2028 expiration date.


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