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Scorn Heaped upon Scorn


Paul Clemenceau, an attorney, has responded with appropriate scorn to leftist David Michael Green for the fallacious and destructive underpinnings of his tirade against President Obama for not governing far enough to the left.

In “No Fury like a Progressive Prof Scorned,” I noted Green’s diatribe. What follows is Clemenceau’s irate and sage letter to the professor, which the former (like me, “a Republican sociopath”) granted me permission to make public:

Professor Green,

Until I read your recent screed I too was upset with Obama and deeply
worried that such an inexperienced narcissist could place the United States
on the road to becoming a social democracy similar to the economically
moribund countries in Western Europe. But now, after failing (at least so
far) to achieve much of anything, much less the social programs you seem to
endorse, maybe I should appreciate him for what he has not accomplished. I
lived and worked in Europe (France) for 16 years and I can assure you that
the social democracy of Europe is a failed system. It replaces the
entrepreneur with the bureaucrat at the top of the food chain and it has
created an entitlement mentality that has proved politically impossible to
undo even though the bloated governments themselves admit that continuation
of the nanny state model, including the healthcare system, is unsustainable.

I’m sure I do not need to point out to you that the U.S. has become the
richest and most powerful country on earth in a brief span of time, thanks at
least in part to its liberal (in the European sense) capitalistic democracy,
while Europe stagnates and other, more socialistic economies (notably, the USSR)
have disappeared.

What surprises me is not your radicalism. After all you are a professor,
and supposedly tenured, and so you are most certainly not part of the “real
world” contrary to what you profess in your diatribe. No, what surprises me
is your propensity to belittle all who may hold views different from your
own. Republicans are “sociopaths” with morals lower on the totem pole than
cannibals; others are less intelligent than a newborn amoeba, etc. All this
makes for fun reading but it is a bit disconcerting to know that a professor
at a well known university is the author. I had assumed you fellows were a
bit more measured and open to conflicting opinions than that. What are you
teaching our children? Are you trying to be the counterpoint to that TV
commentator Glenn Beck or are you just trying to be more rabid than Howard


Paul B. Clemenceau
A Republican sociopath


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