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No Fury like a Progressive Prof Scorned


A revealing, enraged, but also scatological rant against Obama by David Michael Green, a self-trumpeted “progressive” and professor at Hofstra University, is making the rounds.

Green calls this ”whiney Mr. Happy cat” of a president “delusional” for telling Oprah he deserves ”a good solid B+” for his performance so far in office, and he accuses Obama and his fellow Democrats of selling out to “fat cat bankers,” “shovel-feeding” the military-industrial behemoth, transforming Afghanistan into Vietnam, and, in most depth, elevating “jive healthcare reform” (not far above ”White House dog selection”) instead of job creation. (Professor Green does revel in cat and dog allusions, not to mention others of a lower order.)

His tirade suggests that the far Left is not only getting sick to its stomach with Obama adulation but also beginning to grasp its disastrous economic effects. Unfortunately — in particular, for the millions of students and others exposed day in and day out to ideologues like Green — he appears incapable of associating his critique of the president with the historic failure of socialism. Although Green mocks this current ”President Nothingburger,” like Obama he has nothing to offer but destructive, discredited socialist verbiage.  


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