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Anti-Capitalist Santa Studies?


Dr. Nathan J. Grills, a public-health fellow at Australia’s Monash University, has written a paper suggesting that Santa Claus is a “public health pariah,” reports Bethany Stotts. He complains about “multinational capitalists” who use Santa to peddle unhealthy products such as tobacco, alcohol, and sweets.

Maybe Grills’s paper is a spoof, as he claims, but he’s not exactly lifting holiday spirits by grumping that “epidemiologically there is a correlation between countries that venerate Santa Claus and those that have high levels of childhood obesity,” urging that “Santa (and his helpers)” munch on “the carrots and celery sticks commonly left for Rudolph,” and that Santa jog or bike instead of inactively riding his sleigh.

Grills, thy name is Grinch!


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