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Diversity and Medical Schools


There’s a puff profile on The Chronicle of Higher Education’s website of Cornell med school’s first chief diversity officer and all the wonderful things she has done and will do. My posted comment:

It’s great to make sure that your recruiting policies will ensure the broadest, best applicant pool possible, so that you admit the best students and hire the best faculty. If, on the other hand, you are weighing race, ethnicity, and sex in deciding who is admitted and who is hired, then you are not choosing the best qualified people and, of course, you are also engaging in racial, ethnic, or gender discrimination. And it is just incredibly lame to try to justify this by chanting cultural competence. To the extent this is an issue, it makes much more sense to teach cultural competence to the best qualified people rather than using race, ethnicity, or gender as a proxy for having such competence and selecting people who are less qualified in every other way — and who will be poorer teachers and will provide worse care to their (presumably minority) patients.


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