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Turning Over the Rock: University of Minnesota’s Ed School


Hitting at just about the same time, the revelations about the efforts at manipulating data and producing a false consensus about climate change at the University of East Anglia and about the astoundingly hard-left thought-control program at the University of Minnesota’s school of education ought to wake up a lot of people to the fact that authoritarian leftists simply won’t play by anything resembling fair rules of debate. They know that they’re good and their opponents are bad, and therefore that rational discussion is a waste of their precious time. Why bother with truth and fairness when you’re trying to save the world?

Writing for Minding the Campus, K. C. Johnson has an enlightening essay on the University of Minnesota situation. And last Friday, I wrote about it for the Pope Center.

The Gordian Knot-cutting solution is to drop the requirement that exists in most states that having an ed-school pedigree is essential for admission into the teaching ranks. Many school principals would rather hire people who don’t have such “training.” I say, let them hire anyone who appears to have the right stuff for teaching, but then fire those who don’t perform well.


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