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Affirmative Action for Men?


Here’s an interesting post on the topic from Ronald Bailey of Reason; there’s some evidence that it’s happening not just to students but also to faculty. In some cases, rather than using preferences to enhance “diversity,” colleges might be bringing in male profs to lure female students:

A few years back, a friend who teaches in a graduate political science department at a prominent university told me that the women who applied to his school’s program were so much more qualified than the male applicants that if all applicants were selected solely on the basis of academic merit, no men would be admitted to the program. That would be fine with my friend except for the fact that highly qualified women will not attend a program that is all female. Thus this program actually engaged in what amounts to affirmative action for males in order to attract and keep highly qualified female students.

I do remember girls going ga-ga over one of my poli-sci profs. (Prof: “Man, it’s hot in here.” Girl a few rows behind me, almost certainly loud enough for him to hear: “That’s ’cause you’re hot.”) But is it true that they won’t even show up for a lady?


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