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Re: The Power of Race


I haven’t read the book yet either (another pro-diversity book recently landed on my desk: Diversity’s Promise for Higher Education by Daryl Smith; it’s hard to keep up), but what I wish the people who keep demanding racial preferences at elite schools would explain is what ’s so darned important about going to one of those “elite” schools. The courses aren’t taught better just because the faculty is loaded with “academic stars.” If anything, it goes the other way. Students at schools where the professors actually handle most of the teaching are likely to get more out of a course than at schools where the profs are mainly preoccupied with their publications.

I don’t think the mania for admissions preferences is really about the students. Rather, it’s about the academic administrators. It makes them feel good about themselves to believe that their social engineering matters a lot. When mean people like Roger Clegg say that they ought to drop racial preferences, that’s like telling them to stop playing make believe and grow up.


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