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I know there’s nothing original about this point, but one of the great things about YouTube (aside from, of course, the ability relive this great event again and again) is the ability to circumvent the mainstream media to take your visual case for reform directly “to the people.” As we all know, the written word is powerful, but so too is the ability to see and hear directly from people affected by injustice.

FIRE does this very well (I particularly like their mini-documentary on the University of Delaware’s atrocious residence-life thought-reform program). Given the pervasiveness of campus censorship, we are overdue for more “student stories.” Several months ago, I highlighted Julea Ward’s case against Eastern Michigan University. Julea was expelled in the final semester of a graduate counseling program (with a 3.9 GPA, no less) because she refused to publicly affirm homosexual behavior. The litigation is ongoing, with a major hearing currently scheduled for this winter, but in the meantime, you can now see Julea tell her story.

As is obvious from the videos, the students who challenge university censorship are not raving bigots, but rather quite reasonable (and good-spirited) people who simply don’t believe that the state should mandate what they can say or believe. In fact, the contrast between the university’s caricature of those who defy politically correct orthodoxy and the actual students who assert their fundamental constitutional liberty can be quite striking.

Watch the video and ask yourself: Is this person really too dangerous to receive a counseling degree?


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