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Diversity at West Point


There were a number of postings over the summer about “diversity” at the U.S. Naval Academy — that is, the use of racial preferences in admissions there. Well, the Army is apparently not to be outdone, according to this story.
The article says that West Point has “diversity class composition goals” — defined at least in part by race — and quotes Rep. John Hall (D-N.Y.) as saying the school is “working hard to make the officer corps more representative of the Army as a whole.” Hall has proudly announced his success in inserting into the Defense Department’s appropriations bill, at West Point’s request, a provision for “$1 million to fund diversity recruitment” there. The article says that the various service academies already ”have established staff diversity responsibilities or institutional diversity offices.” Representative Hall is now working to make sure this provision is in the Senate version of the bill. 
It might be objected that diversity recruitment does not necessarily mean racial preferences.  Well, we know already from the article that “diversity” includes racial “composition goals,” and we know from decades of experience that goals always mean that the fat thumb of preference gets put on the scale. Besides, as I’ve noted before, the fact that that West Point and Annapolis are using racial preferences in admission is not exactly news; the Center for Equal Opportunity documented their use in this 1998 study.
Still, it’s disturbing.


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