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Re: Texas A&M


Jane, as a belated response to your question, the Texas A&M experience should be a lesson to other universities, but experience suggests it won’t be. The key difference between A&M and other schools was in mindset. A&M did not view the arguments (or the existence) of the Christian student group with hostility or suspicion. When dealing with other universities, one often gets the impression that the administration is looking for pretexts to rid themselves of theologically orthodox and culturally conservative religious groups. After all, the very idea that prohibitions against religious discrimination could be used against religious groups is mind-boggling. Religious nondiscrimination rules were originally enacted to protect religious practice, not prohibit it.  

I can’t count the number of times we have attempted to engage in dialogue with other universities, only to meet the brick wall of intolerance and exclusion — leaving litigation as the only means of protecting student free association.  


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