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Update on Free Speech at Bucknell


A few weeks ago, David referenced a free-speech kerfuffle at my alma mater, Bucknell University. To recap: The school shut down two political events in the spring semester, one dealing with the stimulus package, the other with affirmative action. Luckily, FIRE has stepped in to assist the students involved and stand up for free expression at Bucknell. The Alliance for a Better Bucknell, an alumni group I’m a part of, is also reported on the recent incidents today, and it’s truly saddening to see my school’s administrators stick to their talking points that they’ve done nothing wrong in this ordeal. Worse, they go so far as to label the events themselves as “discriminatory.” It is sad enough for all of us who care about Bucknell, or liberal education in general, that administrators there are stifling political debate on campus. But it’s even more distressing that they have the nerve to lob one of the most vicious attacks in today’s lexicon, an accusation of discriminatory behavior, at students who simply expressed a differing political view using satire.


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