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So, How Soft Are We?


When it comes to higher-ed stories, following links is always fun. Jane, I want to thank you for your post today on college scandals. Following the first commandment of intelligent blog reading (always click through), I stumbled not only on the story of the UNLV’s president’s wife’s alleged “rudeness” but also the e-mails that created the controversy.

I laughed out loud. Why on earth did Bonnie Ashley apologize? Please, read the e-mails and tell me if I’m off base, but it seems that all she did was speak firmly (using — gasp — CAPS LOCK to make her point) to employees who had made mistakes. She seems actually zealous in making sure social events meet budgetary guidelines. Isn’t that a good thing?

Are we so soft that we can’t even be “caps locked” when we make mistakes? Either this is an astounding commentary on the breakdown of our collective backbone, a commentary on the moral meltdown of weak-willed university employees, or nothing more than a story for Reuters’s “Oddly Enough” file.  

But I’ve probably got it all wrong. So . . . to any member of the ADF Center for Academic Freedom team whom I’ve caps locked in the past (or may caps lock in the future), I am sorry. And to the young soldier who was slow in repairing the air conditioner in Sabre Squadron’s detention facility in Diyala Province (back in August 2008), words cannot express the remorse I feel at my, ummm, tirade.


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