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Indoctrination for Credit at BC


Boston College may have given Bill Ayers the air, but it’s still quite hospitable to radicals. Martin Solomon writes about a BC course called “Social Justice in Israel/Palestine” in which students get credit for reading and writing anti-Israel propaganda, then making a tour of Palestinian sites to meet with “peace” activists. Here’s a typical excerpt from the course outline:

We have examined three images of the Israeli occupation of Palestine: genocide, apartheid, and sociocide. Which of these organizing concepts, if any, do you find most persuasive and why?

The course ends with students designing an activist “project” to spread the word on Israeli oppression of the Palestinians.

The fact that a college class is being used for leftist political indoctrination is hardly news, as any reader of this blog well knows. What’s a little odd about this class is that the professor, Eve Spangler, is a sociologist whose main area of research is workplace safety. A while ago she started getting interested in anti-Israel activities, and eventually, being an academic, she decided to teach a class about her latest fascination. It’s no surprise that the idea found a receptive audience around BC’s sociology department.

Spangler’s biography at BC’s website says: “At home she is known for her love of crossword puzzles, the music from the 1960s, and anything chocolate.” We can expect her next course to expose the insidious Zionist connections between Will Shortz and the Chocolate Watchband.


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