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It’s Discrimination


In an article that one commenter accurately describes as falling into the “No Kidding” category, Inside Higher Ed reports today on a study finding that, if the SAT is not used by a school, then racial and ethnic groups that don’t do as well on it are more likely to be admitted. My posted comments:

Let’s give the article just a slight — very slight — twist: Suppose the issue were whether to stop using the SAT because too many Asians and Jews were getting into selective universities, and getting rid of the SAT would be a good way to keep their numbers down. Would everyone be okay with that? Would the question whether the SAT is actually a good way to help select the most academically qualified students still be considered only in passing?

I don’t particularly care how colleges select students, so long as they don’t engage in racial or ethnic discrimination. And I don’t know if the SAT is always the best tool to ensure that the academically most qualified students are selected (although its predictive value always seems to hold up pretty well, and it is telling that schools seem to have no problem with it except for its racial results). But I am confident of this: If schools are throwing out selection devices because they are getting in the way of politically correct racial and ethnic results, then they are engaging in discrimination and they won’t be selecting the best students.


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