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Yale Does the Right Thing, Pretty Much


The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that Yale has decided to get rid of its “ethnic counselors” program — that is, the practice of assigning counselors of a particular ethnic minority group to counsel students of that same group. Sounds like a good idea to me. As the article suggests, it turns out that there are plenty of non-ethnic minorities who need counseling (and there will now be more of a focus on them), and that just because you are the same ethnicity as your counselor doesn’t mean that you necessarily have that much in common with him. Conservatives have been making both points, mutatis mutandis, for years in a variety of contexts, of course.

The only off-note is that the article says that the new, more generalized counseling force will have to be more “diverse,” which suggests that Yale will be using racial and ethnic preferences to get its numbers right (the Yale Daily News shares that concern). Here’s hoping that, since Yale has already learned that superficial characteristics like skin color cannot justify a separate counseling force, the school will know that said characteristics also do not justify discrimination in putting together the merged counseling force.   


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