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Re: Shalit


Robert raises a very interesting issue about the current hookup scene, namely that it may be a form of polygamy — and, as in polygamous societies, you have a number of “alpha males” who can keep a string of willing partners and a larger number of  ”beta males” who have trouble getting any partners at all. Could this be part of the reason that television shows and commercials are replete with “loser” type men, stupid white males, especially young ones, who look and act as if they had just emerged from the caves and someone threw some clothes at them?
This is most intriguing, the suggestion that the biggest losers of this so-called liberation may not be young women at all, but young men! Of course, there is also the possibility that the “loser” men do not shape up because there are so many young women tutored by liberation ideology to be available — and of course the numbers in many colleges today favor men — that even the least-performing man can get a partner at some point. I have been amazed to see at theaters and other public places nicely dressed and turned-out young women with young men who look as if they’ve rolled out of bed.


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