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Re: Read the Material, Deserve a “B” (at Least)


Musician Branford Marsalis’s comment on this sense of enitlement on the part of students today was linked at PBC before, but his words deserve to be quoted again, at least in part. He has taught at several colleges and says in a documentary, Before the Music Dies:   

What I’ve learned from my students is that students today are completely full of sh**.

That is what I’ve learned from my students. Much like the generation before them, the only thing they are really interested in is you telling them how right they are and how good they are. . . .

We live in a country that seems to be in this massive state of delusion, where the idea of what you are is more important than you actually being that. And it actually works just as long as everybody’s winking at the same time. If one person stops winking, you just beat the crap out of that person, and they either starting winking or go somewhere else.

My students — all they want to hear how good they are and how talented they are. Most of them aren’t really willing to work to the degree to live up to that.


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