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Re: South Park 101


Carol — certainly, no one contends South Park is culturally conservative, at least in the “upholding tradition” rather than the “anti-PC” sense. And it’s pretty much the antithesis of religious conservatism. But I think it’s unfair to call it liberal: One of my favorite quotes from the creators is, “I hate conservatives, but I really f***ing hate liberals.”

The show’s creators take at least as much joy in slaughtering lefties’ sacred cows as they do conservatives’. A cloud of “smug” emanates from hybrid-car drivers. Jesse Jackson has a character “apologize” by kissing his rear end. A big coffee chain puts a small java shop out of business, the message being that that’s the way the economy works. Hippies find themselves the targets of countless gags. Al Gore gets skewered. Etc.

Also, South Park is a show that covers political topics fairly frequently and as of 2006 had 3.1 million viewers an episode. I’m already on the record saying there shouldn’t be a South Park college course, but why on earth should conservatives opt out of the conversation entirely and pretend they don’t watch it?


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