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Politics at Barnard


A student-run survey of political beliefs yields some interesting results at Barnard:

Half of the 309 liberal, moderate, conservative and other students who participated in the survey want a more balanced political environment on campus.  Liberals showed their strong support.  Nearly half of the liberal majority in the survey wrote comments stating the importance of diversity in political discussion.

The survey found that over 70 percent of students identify as liberal, 22 percent as moderate, about 4 percent as conservative, and 3 percent independent and other.  Political leaning aside, only eight percent of the total number of students surveyed believe there is a balance in campus discussions, political events, and Barnard classrooms.

Moderates on campus, identified by the survey as those who would vote either Republican or Democrat depending on the candidate, said they tend to disengage from political discussions because it is difficult to disagree with the liberal majority’s point of view.  Some moderates surveyed mentioned their tendency to “stay quiet” because discussions are often tense or emotional rather than intellectual.

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