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Another Excellent Weissberg Essay


If there were a “Telling It Like It Is Award” for writing about higher education, Professor Robert Weissberg would be a top candidate year after year. Consider this essay, recently posted at Minding the Campus.

His subject is our obsession with “diversity,” which leads to, inter alia, “the manic manufacture of ideologically tainted rubbish so as to succeed academically.” All the insistence on “diversity” hiring is merely a game for administrators, but a game with horrible side effects for students. Weissberg writes, “Universities need not worry that victims of pedagogical irresponsibility will see a subway ad asking, ‘Has your child been debilitated by wacky Ed School concocted pedagogy? Last year the lawyers at Blindem and Robbem sued Columbia Teachers College and won $5 million in damages for such a case, so call our toll-free number now!’”

Read and savor the whole thing.


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