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Re: Open Debate


I’m familiar with Professor Block’s work. He’s an Austrian in economics and libertarian in politics who never hesitates to say what he believes to be true, no matter how politically incorrect. (For example, he resolutely defends the so-called “yellow-dog contract” whereby prospective workers have to agree that they won’t join or attempt to form a labor union. As a  firm believer in freedom of contract, I’m with him.)

No doubt he said some things that got some people hot and bothered. Why is it necessary for campus officials to apologize for anything Block said, though? This absurd business of treating every statement that someone makes as grounds for an apology to students who feel hurt encourages students to keep behaving like little children.

Wait — that last sentence isn’t quite right. It isn’t every statement that demands an apology. If a “deep ecology” zealot were to say on a college campus that people are earth’s cancer, do you think there would be an apology from the president to students who are upset at being compared with cancer cells? Only certain groups get the “there, there, don’t cry” treatment.


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