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Why Even More Kids Should Go to College


Interesting stats from Inside Higher Ed, about a paper by “Mark S. Schneider, vice president for new educational initiatives at the American Institutes for Research who was, until a few weeks ago, commissioner of education statistics in the Bush administration’s Department of Education”:

Comparing American higher education unfavorably to its peers internationally as well as to U.S. high schools, he zeroes in, particularly, on about 408 four-year institutions that graduate fewer than one third of their students, and calculates the cost of those “failure factories,” as he calls them, at about $770 million in federal grant aid and lost tuition payments, to the government and families. How much longer, he asks, can the country abide such poor performance?

I should note that there are some issues with the stats (for example, they exclude students who transferred schools and then graduated). But even allowing for that, how can so many schools graduate fewer than one in three students?


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