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CHE’s “Diversity in Academe”


I’ve read The Chronicle of Higher Education’s annual, 64-page “Diversity in Academe” so you don’t have to, and believe me, you don’t want to unless you have to. Highlights: (1) article on diversity efforts at the University of Michigan that does not mention the recent passage of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, which banned racial/ethnic/gender preferences; (2) complaint by a Middle Eastern professor that he lost out on a job because he was considered white — not because he is against racial discrimination, mind you, but because he is actually a member of a minority group, you see; and (3) screed against “opponents of equal opportunity” — that is, people who favor equal opportunity and are against discrimination undertaken to guarantee, instead, equal results — because “they don’t care what happens dark-skinned, low-income children; they neither have nor know any.”


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