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Re: Office for Civil Rights


Robert, I think you have exposed the essential flaw in the whole “diversity” project, namely the assumption that it’s educationally beneficial because it improves cultural views students hold. But exactly how do we know that? Is there some way of demonstrating that the actions of students who attend “non-diverse” schools (I maintain that every person is so different from every other person that you can’t really call even all white or all black schools non-diverse, but I’ll use the terminology for the sake of argument) manifest their supposed lack of cross-cultural interactions in harmful conduct? After all, we don’t know what goes on in people’s heads, but we can examine their behavior. Do graduates of schools where there is little or no “diversity” exhibit more intolerant behavior towards people from different backgrounds? I doubt it very much.

The implicit assumption seems to be that intolerance is the norm in America and it can only be overcome through deliberate engineering of groups of people so that there will be “interactions” to overcome the innate hostility the diversiphiles assume exists. I don’t believe that there is much innate hostility, or that what little of it does exist is neutralized by occasional contact with “different” students on campus. 


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