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Law Professors, 94.7 Percent for Obama


In August, John J. Miller posted a link to a study finding that college professors were top contributors to Obama, “Money Where Their Mouths Are.”

Well, it’s not just college professors. The TaxProf has taken the time to compute the breakdown of contributions by faculty members at some of the nation’s top law schools. He finds:

FundRace 2008 on The Huffington Post lists 635 “law professors” as having made contributions to candidates in the 2008 Presidential election totaling $623,472. Of this amount, 92.7% ($577,924) has been contributed to Democratic candidates, 7.3% ($45,548) to Republican candidates. $487,772 has been contributed to the nominees of each party — 94.7% ($461,754) to Barack Obama, 5.3% ($26,018) to John McCain.

According to his computation, 100 percent of law-school-faculty contributions at Harvard, Chicago, and Michigan have been to Democrats.  I attend the University of Virginia Law School, where things are a bit more balanced, meaning 77.8 percent of contributions went to Democrats.


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