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A Comment on “Service-Learning”


A PBC reader in Iowa emailed me today with a favorable comment on my article on “service-learning” last week. He writes:

Service learning will have the further effect of reducing the amount of time students are able to devote to a particular course of study, and requiring it is the greatest of follies, unless you are the school’s financial controller. I have taught as a visiting professor in two institutions, both state schools. Students who are planning to complete their degrees in four years have little spare time to deal with additional empty requirements. Any additional “service learning” requirement is simply a way for colleges to guarantee that even focused, motivated students will have to spend five years in pursuit of a degree – A very good thing for everyone except students and tax payers.

I think he’s right. His comments bring to mind something Steve Balch says: “We don’t so much have higher education as we have longer education.”


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