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Re: Groseclose Resignation


A very interesting point of Mac Donald’s is that UC leaders defend their discriminatory system (though, evidently, if you want to discriminate in favor of some group, that isn’t really “discrimination”) on the grounds that blacks and Hispanics need “leaders.”

As Mac Donald observes, that’s a slap in the face to the less prestigious state schools in California. But it also tells us that the UC leaders seem to think that the Asian communities in California don’t need “leaders,” since it’s largely Asian students who are pushed aside.

It’s true that Asians have done very well in the U.S. without much in the way of “leadership.” That’s because they succeed on their individual merits. That reminds me of something Thomas Sowell wrote many years ago (I forget in which of his many books) to the effect that the success of minority groups in the inversely related to the extent to which they have attempted to use the political process (and relying on “leaders”) to advance.

It might be argued that this stance by UC insults the black and Hispanic communities by suggesting that while whites and Asians can make it on their own, both educationally and economically, they have to rely on favoritism.


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