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Viewbook Diversity vs. Real Diversity


That’s the title of an article in Inside Higher Ed today about a new sociological study finding that black students appear in college brochures in greater numbers than they actually appear in student bodies. The article begins with a reference to a scandal a few years ago, when it was revealed that the University of Wisconsin and the University of Idaho had actually doctored photographs in brochures to make them politically correct. Of course, this is a you-can’t-win situation: If a school’s brochure doesn’t have “enough” faces of color, no doubt there are sociologists waiting to do a study about that, and it will do a school no good to argue that the brochure simply reflects campus reality.

Here, by they way, is the piece I wrote when the Wisconsin and Idaho photo-doctorings were revealed. My conclusion:

So nyah, nyah, university officials — busted! Serves you right. You got caught by your own race-obsessed and intellectually dishonest mindset. First you cheat [i.e., through racially preferential admissions] to have a student body that “looks right”; then you cheat to have a photo that “looks right.” All in the name of making sure that you have the right balance of melanin — something that ought to be irrelevant to you, the students, the faculty, and everyone else.


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