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Title IX’s Legacy


As I mentioned earlier this week, Monday was Title IX’s 36th birthday. Every year around this time we are treated to myriad op-eds, speeches, and other statements about Title IX’s legacy. Unfortunately, the assessments tend to only tell half of the story.

For example, take Barack Obama’s statement on Monday:

Thanks to Title IX, we have made much progress … Women now make up more than half of the students in our nation’s colleges and universities. American dominance in women’s sports on the world stage is a testament to the door that Title IX opened for young female athletes — and we know the women on the U.S. Olympic Team will make America proud this summer.

That’s all true. But it only tells half of the story. What’s missing are the unintended consequences of the law — mainly large-scale cuts to men’s programs. It is a gross disservice to gloss over what Title IX has done to men’s athletics.

So, over at The Christian Science Monitor, I take a look at Title IX’s legacy — good and bad. Hopefully it paints a more complete picture.


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