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Higher Education in NR Print


The latest National Review (February 25 issue) should be hitting newsstands right about now, and there are two articles Phi Beta Cons readers might be interested in.

One is “The College-Endowment Racket,” by Kevin A. Hassett, who points out that colleges have accumulated so much wealth because they’re not taxed. For-profit colleges like the University of Phoenix get no tax breaks, and they actually educate lower-income students more often, while Princeton’s annual yield amounts to more than $100,000 per student. Hassett suggests a consumption tax to replace our current system.

Two (shameless plug) is my own article, “The Left Fires a Counter-Volley,” which examines the non-profit, anti-gun Joyce Foundation and its sponsorship of Second Amendment symposiums at various law schools. Following the symposiums, these schools’ law journals ran special issues, disproportionately including articles that advanced interpretations of the Second Amendment that would make it difficult for courts to strike down gun control. (Side note: A new blog by some GW Law students has


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