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Should Government Determine the Price of Study Abroad?


Yes, according to a new lawsuit:

The father of a recent graduate of Wheaton College, in Massachusetts, is suing the college for charging students its regular tuition rate to participate in cheaper independent study-abroad programs, The Boston Globe reported.

In his lawsuit, filed on Friday in a state court, James P. Brady argues that it was “deceptive and unfair” of Wheaton to charge his daughter almost $23,000 for a semester in South Africa in a program that costs around $18,000. “Wheaton provides no services whatever for that program,” the newspaper quoted Mr. Brady, a lawyer who has represented employees in a number of high-profile whistle-blower lawsuits, as saying.

Let’s see here. There is no assertion whatsoever that Brady was ever told he’d be charged less — in other words, the college set a price for the program (normal tuition, no matter how much the program costs), and Brady and his daughter went through the program knowing that price. Now he’s suing because he thinks the cost is too high, an opinion he by definition did not have when he agreed to it.

Also, there’s no indication this is a new policy, so there’s no bait-and-switch argument. Freedom of contract, people.


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