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Re: Maryland District Sex Lessons Challenged


I’d agree that school sex-ed curriculi frequently promote agenda over fact. That said, on homosexuality being innate, I’d argue the school district is closer to the truth. One can say the evidence isn’t quite conclusive, and therefore schools shouldn’t teach it yet, but on balance the facts support that theory.

The best article I’ve found on the topic is this one from New York magazine. In just one interesting biological marker, the hair whorls on the back of gay men’s heads tend to run in the opposite direction to those on straights’. Of course, some gay men can force themselves to live as straights, but that doesn’t mean the tendency itself isn’t innate.

It’s important to recognize the difference between “biological” and “genetic” — most of the leading theories posit that something happens in the womb, after conception, specifically during the flush of male/female hormones.


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