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The Effect of Nondiscrimination on White Admissions


The Chronicle of Higher Education has a story today (subscription required) on a new study that purports to find that it is Asian students, not white students, who gain most when schools end racially preferential admission policies. And this “‘can hardly be satisfying’ to ‘those who campaigned for the elimination of affirmative action in the belief that it would advantage the admission of white students.’” Moreover, “The report predicts that white people might begin actively opposing race-neutral admissions policies if Asian Americans continue to make gains. ‘Whites are still too influential in politics and in the private sector to sit quietly while this trend continues,’ it says.”

I’m prepared to believe that Asians may be discriminated against more than whites by PC admissions policies, but the evidence is overwhelming — in, among other places, the dozens of studies done by the Center for Equal Opportunity — that both groups are discriminated against (and sometimes Latinos as well). I have a sneaking suspicion that this is just another desperate effort by the proponents of such discrimination to stem the tide that is running against them, this time by trying to persuade whites that they shouldn’t care about colorblind principles, since it is only those darn Asian kids who benefit from them. It’s an ugly tactic, and it won’t work. Those of us “who campaigned” against racial preferences did so not because we care about white kids and not Asian kids — we’re doing so because we don’t like discrimination against anyone. I think the overwhelming majority of those supporting these initiatives feel this way.


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