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Diversity Versus Free Speech


This illuminating article about the attempt to create a regime of free speech at DePaul University should not be missed.

Here’s a taste:

Manley and Cho told us our Principles were fundamentally invalid because we lacked a diverse racial make-up in membership. Isn¹t it important to note the ideological diversity on this Task Force? ³No,² Manley said, and pointing to the back of his hand added, ³it is about this: skin color.² Cho then highlighted words and phrases in the Principles she considered to be ³hegemonic.² Hegemonic phrases allegedly exclude the marginalized and oppressed. Among the highlighted phrases were: ³free speech and expression,² ³exercise of reason,² ³competing arguments,² and ³immeasurably enriched by exposure to differing points of view.² According to Cho, free speech should provide ³an environment that encourages enfranchising the disenfranchised² and discontinues ³the practice of exclusion and marginalization.² According to Cho, ³hegemonic free speech² (her term) does the opposite. If this is the first time you¹ve ever encountered the phrase ³hegemonic free speech,² don¹t assume you¹re alone in that experience.

Read the whole thing to find out how far DePaul (and many other universities) have gone into the pit of quicksand that is the diversity agenda.


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