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Britney Spears, Teacher and Professor


In a panel discussion on immigration broadcast on C-Span a week or so ago, the discussion went to the idea that assimilation of newer immigrants and their offspring is not happening as it did in the past.  Adrian Woolridge, Washington correspondent for The Economist, admitted that it is distressing and dangerous that the schools and universities are not only not aiding in the assimilation process, but are actively teaching critical and disdainful views of America.  To some extent Woolridge’s admission constitutes progress, for not that long ago many people would offhandedly dismiss the fact that our schools and universities were teaching noxious and hateful views of our country as irrelevant.  Sounding like certain characters in the novels of Charles Dickens, they saw everything as all right as long as the economic engine kept churning. 

But then Woolridge, a Brit, went on to say thankfully that his American children are being assimilated anyway, by … Britney Spears!  When one thinks of the young men who spilled their last blood on the beaches of Normandy and those who gave the lives they had barely begun to live in the skies over England, hearing this kind of frivolousness can be nearly unendurable, almost physically painful.  But this is what mass immigration supporters must resort to in light of evidence that true assimilation is not taking place and as the tide of opinion turns against them. 


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