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Antioch College Mutates and Lives On


My John Locke Foundation colleague Michael Sanera writes:

Early in 2007 it looked like Antioch College would shut its doors for good,
but no such luck.  After a do or die fund-raising campaign, the college not
only lives, but it has mutated by creating 6 branch Antioch University

The Antioch University New England offers this an MA degree in Environmental
Advocacy and Organizing. This degree program does not require any knowledge
of markets. In fact, knowledge of market processes is actively discouraged.
The catalog description:

Real democracy is not a spectator sport. Do you want to build a
well-organized social movement that can challenge the downsizing of
democracy and promote the common good? If so, check out our master¹s program in Environmental Advocacy and Organizing­ where we train students for
activist careers as public interest advocates and grassroots organizers
working for ecological sustainability, social justice, and the democratic
control of corporations.

And here is high praise from

There are just too few institutions that help inspire, train, and nurture
progressive activists. That¹s why I¹m so excited about Antioch University
New England¹s Environmental Advocacy and Organizing Program. It¹s a graduate
program that offers in-depth activist training and even connects its
graduates into an ongoing support network. I encourage everyone seeking to
work as a public interest advocate or a grassroots organizer to check out
Antioch¹s advocacy and organizing program.

Eli Pariser, Exec. Director, MoveOn.Org

My comment: But aren’t we told over and over that college professors never try to indoctrinate students, but merely teach them “critical thinking”?


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